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Girl crush
kawii-female: dear anon that's being a dick~ you need to re-evaluate yourself if you're going on anon and telling someone that they need to stop fucking shit up.

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Wow congrats you put a logo you didn’t make over a picture you didn’t take. Now THAT takes talent. I think you should apply somewhere and try to become a graphic designer!!!

Wow kinda rude lol


Anonymous: Well maybe you should stop fucking up things then maybe I will come off anon I see you at UCA and think that you need to sort it out smoking shit at uni. Re evaluate yourself.


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Anonymous: Can you recommend some good bands??


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Anonymous: I hope you have a great day omg lov u


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Anonymous: You think you're some kind of badass for takin drugs but in reality you're just an immature little girl

I forgot I posted those things aha I don’t think I’m cool at all I was just happy that I felt good :’) being a dick on anon isn’t exactly my idea of a big mature person tho so you might want to sort yourself out before you try and start on someone else

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