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Girl crush
punkqhost: hey friend don't be sad okay *hugs*

well its hard not to be sad tbh i just wish i would stop fucking everything up 24/7 

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Anonymous: What happened?

you asked twice?? just me being an absolute idiot and  i fucking suck and i really need to learn to keep my mouth shut 

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Anonymous: What happened?

i just fucked everything up :)) and i am litterally the worst person in the world but ohwell 

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Anonymous: I know how you feel. I recently broke up with my gf. The hard part is she took my best friend with her so im going through it alone. But im guessing it gets better right?

I dunno every break up ive had has given me an opportunity to find someone better but this time was just because i fucked up really bad tbh , i think the best thing you can do is try and make the most of a situation i guess

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mitch-luckers-dimples: Keep smiling ^_^

dec ily <3

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Being single is fucking weird

Anonymous: Why did you break up? D:

Because of shit I thought we were going to break up soon anyway but I guess the shit that happened just kinda forced it , it is shit tho but ohwell I’m starting at Uca soon anyway

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Anonymous: Are you okay?

I’m fine I guess just a lot of shit happened and it just couldn’t carry on

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deathingly: I'm sorry sorry sweetie of you wanna rant about it my inbox is always open or you can kik me ❤️

Thank you it’s fine I kinda expected it anyway

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Tonight was a fucking mess